E-commerce – The cheapest way to launch an online business

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E-commerce – the easiest way to run a business

Have you ever thought about having your own business, but there was always something in your way? The main reason that usually stops people from fulfilling their dream is money. When you think about a business, you think about the fact that you have to own an office or you have to pay your employees. Well, we might have a solution for all these problems. It’s called e-commerce. E-commerce means trading products or services using the internet. We all have a computer at home that we use it for playing games or watching movies. Why not use it for something more profitable? All you need is an idea, a computer, an internet connection, some money to start your idea and there you go! Business from the comfort of your own home.

E-commerce is not only addressed to newbies. Already existing companies can benefit too. Let’s say you have an open business in your city. The easiest and also the cheapest way to expand your business is using a website. You can go from local to global in no-time. Increase your profits by offering your products and services to a larger segment of the population.
I’ll give you few reasons why e-commerce is possible for every pocket and more comfortable than the traditional one:
• You have the opportunity to reach a much wider market – with a physical store, your audience is restricted, usually, to that area
• It’s cost effective – compared with costs such as commercial space rent, opening an online store can be done at a fraction of that price
• You get to provide all the information you want about your products.

E-commerce in Ireland

Studies suggest that more than 2.6 million Irish people regularly shop online and half of large Irish companies and a quarter of small firms now sell online through ecommerce facilities, according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office.
People living in Ireland spend €8.5 million a day online on goods from retailers in other countries. New figures show that many Irish retailers and SMEs are missing out on the increasing amounts of money people spend online.
The Irish Government is expecting more and more Irish businesses with online stores. Right now, 23% of all SMEs in Ireland trade online, but it can be better. The National Digital Strategy targets more than 2,000 businesses trading online by the end of the year. SMEs in Ireland can apply for an online trading voucher. This voucher is worth €2,500 and is to help SMEs establish an online trading presence. There are also over 80 different Government supports for Irish SMEs and start-ups.

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