How is an immigrant affecting our lives

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How is an immigrant affecting our lives? Can he influence the economy?

We live in a world that is far from peaceful. If you look around, everybody is talking about the problems in the Middle East and Africa. You turn on the TV, you’re seeing news reports about the huge wave of immigrants coming our way, in every conversation between 2 people I hear “how many immigrants is your country going to take?” so let’s talk a little bit about an immigrant’s role in economy, business, pros and cons.
I’m sure we all feel sorry for them. You can put yourself in their shoes, knowing that tomorrow you might not wake up.

In Ireland, around 14% of the population are immigrants that are helping more or less the economy. I’m working with Chinese, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Indian people and a whole lot more nationalities. They are all hard workers so it doesn’t matter the nationality, it’s more about the person. These people are paying loads of taxes, therefore they are helping the economy. Many people think that immigrants are coming and stealing jobs and ruining the country but do they know that they are immigrants too? Let’s take the US and Australia. They are founded by immigrants from Europe that went there, saying that they discovered a land, although you can’t really say that about a land that has already inhabitants, driving away or even worse, killing the aborigines or the natives and calling it their own.
In 2014, in the United States, 28% of the businesses were launched by the immigrants. How’s that helping? They are providing work places for themselves or for the Americans, paying taxes, providing services that we all enjoy. Do you like eating in an authentic Chinese restaurant? That wouldn’t be possible without Chinese people, right? According to the Census Bureau in the States, immigrants represent 33 percent of the engineers, 27 percent of mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists and 24 percent of physical scientists so I think this brings value to any country. In Ireland I’ve seen many foreign entrepreneurs and each play a small part in helping the Irish economy survive the financial crisis that is upon most of the countries in the EU.

Let’s make a short analysis of pros and cons of having immigrants in your country:

Some of them are lawyers, doctors who can save your life some day and then you will not complain that they’re foreigners, teachers that are trying to make your kids smarter, some of them are students looking for a bright future, some are working in waste management so you can have a cleaner city or some are just some store assistants which you are treating like crap because they’re not from your country although they are the ones that put YOUR food on the shelves so YOU can buy it and the ones that always have to smile no matter what you tell them, even if there are times when they want to smack you, they’re still smiling. Foreign entrepreneurs are creating jobs decreasing unemployment and let’s not forget the construction workers that are building our cities.

Like in every story, there are always two sides and we have good guys and bad guys. I hear that most of the immigrants that are leaving Middle East and Africa because of all the war, want to go to Germany or UK. Why is that? There are so many countries in between. If you think about it, there are countries that are not threatened by war, for example UAE (that is not in between, but closer anyway and it’s a Muslim country too), Italy, Greece, Poland, Austria and others. They want to get there to have a better life? So you want to go from hell straight away to heaven? I believe 90% of Eastern Europe would want that too. If I was a refugee, I would accept any safe country that would offer me shelter. I saw what some of them did in a train station in Hungary. The authorities were trying to help them by bringing food and water and they threw everything away. Hungary has an unemployment rate of 6.8 % and is not considered a rich country, many people living in poverty and you’re just throwing all that food? I’m sure many Hungarians would have enjoyed it.
Also, what I don’t agree with, is when someone from another country comes into yours and tries to make the rules, impose his beliefs and ask for more rights than a resident has. Most of the countries are catholic countries. You can’t come into one of them and just say that you believe in the Lord of the Unicorns and expect them to follow you or even to build you a “stable” to pray in out of public money. Another thing that I don’t get is how can you go, as an immigrant, to another country and thinking as if it’s your own? Imagine me going to a supermarket on the alcohol line and saying “I claim this land in the name of my imaginary lord as my own!”.

In the end, I’ll express my personal opinion regarding immigrants. As a “native” and a human, you need to respect any other human being that respects you back, doesn’t matter the nationality. There is no such thing of a bad immigrant, there are only bad people. As a country, I think that first you need to see that your own people are happy and they are not starving before helping others. As an immigrant you need to respect the country where you’re going, respect their culture and traditions because after all you are the guest. It’s the same like when you’re going to a friend’s house. They offer you food and shelter, but that doesn’t mean you can also sleep with their wives. Stay humble and take the little that they offer because it might be the only thing they have.

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