How To Create Successful Landing Pages

  • October 8, 2015
  • SEO
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How to Built an engaging landing page to generate quality leads.

Landing pages are generally the first point of contact between your service/product and customers, If you are advertising something. The Call to Action page redirects the customers to the landing page depending upon what they are looking for. In the Inbound marketing strategy Landing pages has great importance, they are their to generate leads for you, if the customer is only looking for information you can follow them and convert it to sales. Studies suggests that landing pages acts as your sales representative and can generate 20% of your leads. 
 Source- Hub Spot As per Hub Spot there are three process involved in an effective landing page or you can say your marketing/advertising strategy, its is CTA-Landing page-Thank you page.
landing page Source –  Hub Spot

But building a great landing page is very important. it should match to your advertisement and the content and context should match. for example, if you are advertising a 25% off on one of your travel packages, the CTA should redirect the customer to the page where they can easily see and fine that offer. Landing pages are not only informational they can be transactional also, like if you have an E-commerce business like Amazon and you want to sell something, then your

landing page for digitechcontrol
Source – Hub Spot

CTA can redirect to a landing page where you can get that very same offer. Few of the main components to keep in mind while creating a landing page are :

1. Attractive and concise headline – Try to write a clear and action oriented headline and give your customers information about what they are getting and how.

2. The offer advertised on the CTA and the landing page should be same, clear and placed in a manner that it is clearly visible and customers are attracted to click it or subscribe it.

3. No navigation Menu and links- their should not be any navigation menu or links to distract your customer. though you can give few links of the related products that the customer might be interested in, but that too should redirect to a landing page with no navigation menu.

4. The subscription option or the form on the landing page should be small and easy to fill. customers are not likely to fill a long form or if their are lots of information required for a small service. Keep it simple silly

5. Make your landing page attractive with visual image of same offer or an video explains the offer or its benefits

6. Add social sharing icons so that customers can share it on their social media pages and can act as your advertisers to generate more leads and brand awareness.

These are short 6 very important points how you should design your landing page, If you will keep these points in mind then you can create a great and attractive landing page which can help you generate more leads. Go ahead and create your new landing page.

The author of this post works with Digitech Control Pvt Ltd. The post will appear as written by Digitechcontrol.

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