Magical Fortingall


Thinking about your next holiday or weekend off? “Sick” of the usual destinations like Ibiza, Mallorca or Rome? Well I’m sure you’re going to say no. The hell, I would even say no but that’s not the point. Why not try a less popular destination? A change of scenery if you will. There are other amazing things to see in Europe than the usual summer bikini. Of course if you could take that with you wherever you go, that would be a plus, but let’s focus. If you want to get away from the crowded places and you want a quiet weekend I have a great recommendation for you: Scotland! And I’m not talking here about Edinburgh or Glasgow, but the more rustic Scotland.

In my opinion, Scotland has one of the most impressive landscapes in Europe. Recently I have heard about a village named Fortingall, Perthshire so I started my research. I was truly impressed. It has the kind of beauty that makes you love Scotland and with me living in Ireland, that says quite a lot. The vernacular style village was founded by Sir Donald Currie and built in the years 1890-1891 by John McNaughton. If you want building architecture, this is one of the places you want to go. Not only the buildings, but the whole area surrounding the village represents an attraction because it has many archeological sites. The stories say that one of them was used for the plague victims from the 14th century and it’s called Cairn of the Dead (Carn nam Marbh in Gaelic).


pictures taken from wikipedia and visitscotland

Now getting back to the attractions, one thing more special stood up from the crowd. The oldest living thing in Europe: a tree. Maybe some of you will say “a tree? That’s so boring”. I’m sure the tree would say the same thing about you if it wouldn’t know that you are 5000 years old! Yes, a tree from 5000 years ago (some people say it’s only 2000 years old, but still impressive though), a living proof that the world is a lot more old than some religious people are claiming it to be. Maybe it’s the work of the devil (couldn’t even get to “it’s” without start laughing). The Yew Tree is located in an old church yard. It’s age is impressive enough for you? If not, the next thing about it will sure be. Scientists discovered that it can change it’s sex. Everybody knows male yew trees produce pollen and the female, berries. Surprisingly, this year, the tree started producing berries. Max Coleman from the Botanic Garden Edinburgh said that this might be caused environmental stress. What’s more interesting is that just a part of the crown is female, the rest being male. The seeds will be kept and they will be used in a conservation project for yews all over the world.

Fortingall yew

So if it’s nature and fresh air you want, Fortingall is one of the places to visit. It’s always nice to see parts of nature like this tree, untouched by mankind and shows that some people are against destroying everything in sight to build new commercial centers. We have enough of those. You can’t “rebuild” a 5000 years old tree, so our respect goes to the people there for preserving the nature like many of us should. This is why nature was here before us and it will be here after us if we don’t destroy it that is. It adapts to survive.

Scotland will be definitely on our list next year. What about “yew” ?

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    Heck of a job there, it abouestlly helps me out.

    • Rania
    • November 11, 2015

    I would love to go! It just seems like a gorgeous place!

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      At last! Someone with the insight to solve the prembol!

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    I have actually been to Scotland – Glasgow and Edinburgh. Great architecture and landscapes!

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      Times are chganing for the better if I can get this online!


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