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Mobile apps, a successful add-on to your business

The mobile app economy was born together with the launching of the Apple Store 7 years ago. In the present, this is a dynamic environment which continues to expand, generating competition between some of the biggest producers in the world like Apple, Google, Blackberry. 40% of the most used mobile apps were created by companies from Europe and three companies from the top five are game developers founded in northern Europe: King (Sweden, HQ Dublin), Supercell (Finland) and Rovio (Finland).

Doesn’t matter if we are at work, on holiday or just out with the family and friends, we always have the mobile phone with us. Whether if you’re using the internet, playing a game or making a reservation, you are using an application.

Taking all these in consideration, you will see why for a business, having a mobile app, can bring a massive boost to your profit. All your information is at your customer’s fingertips. You can show them your offers, where they can find you and they can get notifications on special events.

Think about it. You are buying something online, but you remembered that you forgot something or you bought the wrong product and you’re not at home to use your computer. Wouldn’t you want a mobile app to use it on the go? The other advantages are that you can build your loyalty and visibility and reinforce your brand.

In every post I’ll try to make a short analysis of the types of applications which can be useful for you. I would like to start with the ones that become more popular for companies with each day that goes by:

Enterprise mobile apps

The social benefits of these apps are becoming clear now with the development of others like health, education and environment apps. It’s an application useful for companies because they can keep their employees up to date or they can give tasks by using them. A large number of the tablets already deployed across British, French and German companies are now considered to be the only device that employees are equipped with to perform their daily work, according to the latest market study by International Data Corporation (IDC). Additional devices are usually desktop or portable PCs, smartphones, workstations – or, depending on the employee’s role, specialized hand-held or point of sale (POS) devices. According to the IDC study findings, tablets are the only business device for 40 percent of the polled respondents to their recent survey. This percentage, however, increases significantly for 2-in-1 or convertible devices – as these hybrid products are often used to replace traditional computers.

Slowly but sure, enterprise apps will play a big part in the future of any company

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