Most useless Inventions Ever

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                 5 most useless inventions ever

Staying up late night and doing nothing but trying to watch programs on channels when suddenly you stop at this one channel who sells useless products. Now this is the time to confess that you stay on that channel and watch the whole infomercial and at the last say who the heck will buy that product. Yes, you are right a normal person won’t, but still those are some useless inventions. Here is the list of 5 most weird and useless inventions of recent times. We should definitely have a common sense test before getting into any kind of invention process.

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Control +ALT+DEL wand
Just because using your both hands is too main stream. Now who would go and look for a wand while typing on the keyboard using both of his hand, or did the company invented something weird for each and every key on the board. Why this shit? unless you are high on weed.

Two persons sweatshirt
WOW, I will never buy that. I will instead buy a duvet/blanket or if anything more weird is available.

Just because I love eating adhesive. The idea is to same time and ease the task of spreading butter on your toast. what if instead of butter-stick you confused it with glue-stick.

Eyedrop scone
Who will buy this ? Definitely not its not me.


Solar cigarette lighter
What if it’s a rainy day? I wont be able to smoke. And of course we have lots of time to go out in open and wait until it burn. The person who invented this must have a lot of time and he was a lazy bastard.
If you are thinking of doing an invention please take a common sense test before you start your project. Looking for more weird and useless inventions ? check out your channels who advertise these weird stuffs. Do share it with us on our Facebook or tweeter page. Click on the link below.

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