Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2 Steps

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Fun thing about digital marketing is that people thinks its different from traditional marketing, but the truth is it’s not. The strategies remain the same, just the execution platform has changed from off-line to digital space. When we plan a marketing strategy for any product be it B2C or B2B few of the foremost thing which we plan are:

  1. Target Market/Target Vertical-  To whom our products will target, whether it will be SME’s or MNC’s, or is it alined to any specific target audience based on gender or age?
  2. The second step would be redefining the Digital Marketing funnel. i.e,

    (a). Brand awareness- how? through SEM, Social Networking, Blogs. Why? Yes, it i very important to know who
    are you and why you are in business.

(b) Attention- How? Attract customers to your website through website content, emailers, online
events or publish articles. Why? Customers need a reason why they should choose you.
There are 10 other companies like you in the market and what so you have that other
companies don’t. what makes you sad out of the crowd.

(c). Conversion- How?  If the customers will get what they are looking for then its a lead.
Visitors may come from any of the source, like social network, website or blogs or online
events. Conversions solely depends how good your marketing is, whether or not your website
or SEM is good. Do you publish relevant contents, is your website easy to understand easy to

(d). Decision-  This is were leads converts into sales. This solely depends on how you deal with
your potential customers. Are they getting same product/offer listed on your website or is it
different from what they were advertised or promised online.

(e) Post Purchase Service – This service is not being given by many, but it is in trend now.
Companies have started taking their customers seriously, word to mouth marketing is something which gets lots
of good customer now a days. The actual experience of the customer starts after the sale of a product and if the
service post sales is good, then the customer is happy and a happy customer is equal to 10 more potential

You’ll find lots of other digital plans floating in the market, but the success mantra doesn’t lie on the marketing plan you choose but it does lie on the execution of the strategy. Share your marketing plan with us or do add extra points it in incase if we missed some important ones.

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