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A good anti-virus can be a good way to protect your computer from viruses, but can it protect it from the human stupidity and naivety? When you saw an ad with “earn money from home, easy money no work”, did you ever ask yourself if it’s true or not? If your answer is yes, then you need help my friend. Let’s review some of the areas and scams used on the internet to take money from, let’s say, unfortunate people.

Email – your good old email address. I remember my good friend, the prince of Nigeria, who wanted to give me a share of his large sum of money. I wonder how many people fell for this. How does the scam work? Pretty simple. First you get an e-mail from a prince, lawyer, doctor or whatever pimp from Nigeria. They are telling you that they are wealthy and they want to leave you with the fortune. Yeah right…you can’t even get the fortune from your grandmother. What makes you think that you can get it from a random unknown person. Others say that they have an unclaimed large sum of money and the examples can go on. They make the suckers give their account number to “transfer the money”. The big hackers take the money straight from the account while the rest start asking for amounts of money because a minor problem shown up like they need to pay some tax or bribe an official.
Some examples of other scam emails can be the ones where a very cute girl wants to date you or to screw you. She wants to screw you alright! By clicking the link you will be sent to a website where you need to give your card details or a registration fee to get inside and contact the girl. But what do you know? The woman is not there anymore. If you can’t get into bed the girl with the face covered in pimples and no boyfriend, do you really think you will get a 36DD breasted one which looks like a porn actress?

All over the Internet – even a legit website can have loads of ads leading you to fraudulent pages. Ads like become rich in a month and showing you an expensive car or a yacht, hot girls are waiting for you or lose weight very fast. For the first one just think about it. Some wealthy people work for a lifetime and they still can’t afford a yacht. For the second one it’s time to be real. If in real life the girls who do know you are not waiting, believe me that the other women will definitely not! And for the last one, the best advice is to quit McDonalds and stop looking for miracle pills. Finally the most sensitive subject: porn websites. Whenever you access one there is always a hot woman on the bottom of the screen that lives in your area although you live in the middle of the woods and there is nobody around except your two 80 years old neighbors. Wow what a coincidence, isn’t it? What were the chances for a woman who looks like that to live so close to me and who wants to sleep with me? None, zero chances, so for once in your life man think with the right head

Work at home scams – these scams are the most successful ones because they attract more and more lazy people who are looking for a shortcut through life. If you search on Google “work at home” you will see full list of websites offering huge amounts of money in a short period of time. Some examples are:

– E-mail processing – you have to pay a 50 dollars fee. The only thing you get for the money is instructions on how to spam other forums with the same ad you’ve seen and clicked. What respectable company will ask you for a fee and pay you after that with 25 $ per email processed?
– Call 1900 numbers for info – for the people who don’t know, 1900 numbers cost you quite a lot. This is how the scammers are taking money from you
– Multi Level Marketing (MLM) – although there are legitimate MLM businesses, this strategy is often considered a pyramid scheme which means that the top scammers earn everything and you get nothing. Not only that, but you can be considered scammer as well and charged with fraud.
– Home typing – for a fee, you will get a disk with information on how to sell the same dvd to other people and tell them the same lies. The only one who’s making the money is the scammer
– Turn your computer into money making machine – same like the other ones, you will get instructions in exchange of a fee, on how to spam others with the same ad.

Other scams can take the form of binary solutions, 100% sure betting predictions or websites that claim they have hacks for other important websites so you can enjoy a service for free.

In the end, here are some advices on how to protect yourself from scams and malicious websites: get a good anti-virus and pay the license, do not access any website from your email address, just the ones where you have an account or a subscription. Do not look for miracles in anything like money making, love, health or weight loss. Miracles don’t exist without hard work. And finally the most important one, DO NOT GIVE YOUR BANK DETAILS TO ANYBODY, not even your bank. They will never ask you for them because they already have them!

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