The dangers of exposing your child to social media

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Are you aware of the dangers that you are putting your child to when exposing him to social media?
Scrolling down my News Feed on Facebook, I noticed something quite disturbing. More and more people are posting pictures with their kids. No doubt, your life is changed when you have a child, but do you really want all the world to know? If you think that showing your kids on social media it’s just inoffensive and cute, you are as smart as a politician.
How many friends do you have on Facebook? How many do you actually know? Being a social media freak and addict, you add everybody and accept most of the friend requests. I’m going to give you a scary situation that might as well be real. Let’s say you have a 7 year old girl. She starts school today and you are a proud mommy so you keep posting pictures of her dressed in a cute school uniform and “giving” yourself a check-in because hey, people need to know “where you at”. What if one of your 1000 cool “friends” has a disturbed mind and he is in fact a pedophile? You gave him all the data he needs. He knows your daughter’s school, he knows how she looks like. Scary, huh? I’m sure you are thinking now that all of the people who are against making children popular are exaggerating and they are stupid, but there is a small chance horrible things can happen so better to be safe than sorry. How would you react when a weird creepy guy  is staring at your kid on the street? Imagine this happening every day online!
I think one of the problems is that everybody is watching the bad people, but nobody is watching the parents. When you give the gun to a monkey and it starts shooting everyone, you always put the monkey to sleep. Maybe somebody should blame you for giving it the gun. You are as guilty as the monkey is.
Another type of dangerous individuals you should be looking out for are child porn “amateurs”. Unfortunately, Facebook’s security measures are not that great. You can copy anyone’s pictures anytime. I read recently an article about a family from Utah, US. The mom posted loads of pics with her 2 young daughters and her 9 month old baby. After a while she came across, by mistake, a fake Instagram profile with her 8 year old daughter’s picture. The profile contained hashtags leading to numerous child porn sites. She had the pictures taken down from more than 20 websites, but there were a lot more. For now, there is no way to find out who stole them. Another great article that makes parents more aware on exposing their children on social media you can find it on Yahoo .

So the conclusion is that if you have “social media needs” and you really need so many friends, you’d better have a look at your privacy settings. Just make sure nobody except your relatives see those pictures or even better: stop posting them. I’m sure your 2 year old won’t feel the difference!

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