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Every day you follow the news whether it’s on TV or online. You hear different things which some are true, some are not. There are three types of people watching them: the believers that think whatever is inside that magic box is true and cannot form their own opinion, the normal people who follow the news to find out about recent events, but still, are able to have their saying about the cause of the event and the conspirators. Now the last one is the more special one. They always like to spice things up, to exaggerate and some of them to take everything to the extreme.

Here are few of the most interesting conspiracy theories and our favorites:

1. The Moon landing – in July 1969, NASA launched the Apollo 11 to complete president Kennedy’s challenge to put a man on the moon before the decade ends. Now that’s a challenge. I bet you feel small with your stupid condom challenge. The astronauts on board were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. They spent two and a half hours exploring the surface and taking photographs. Make way people! The conspirators are coming! They think the moon landing was fake and they have so called reasons for it. The biggest one was that when Aldrin planted the US flag, the flag was waving in the wind and there cannot be any wind in a vacuum. NASA explained that Aldrin was twisting the flag to fix it in the soil. I wonder how can they explain those verified moon rocks samples brought back and if the landing was fake, where did all those 24 billion $ go?

2. 9/11 attacks – definitely one of the worst events from the past few decades and the start of a never ending war against terrorism. Crazy people say the attack was just the government’s way to destroy those buildings or just another reason for Bush to send troops in the Middle East to steal the oil. What?? I know things are happening backstage but let’s be real. Although there are serious question marks why the army didn’t intercept the hijacked planes, I don’t think anybody would kill thousands of innocent people to…destroy two buildings. “hey Bush, what you wanna do today? Wanna blow up a building?”

3. Secret societies – there are rumors saying that there are secret societies controlling the humanity. I think this one is plausible but a little exaggerated. Where are we? In the Pinky and the Brain cartoon? We are waking up one morning with the thought to rule the world? No doubt every country has it’s own secret organization for running it but the scenario of “an evil scientist” trying to control the world? I don’t think so.

4. Area 51 – a prohibited zone where people think the US government is conducting evil experiments and storing UFO’s. There was also a footage with an alien being dissected in the Area 51. Some people are saying that the army is stealing advanced technology from the aliens and inventions like the Kevlar and Stealth Fighter come from there. This conspiracy is definitely an interesting one and we will probably never know the truth.

5. UFO’s – conspirators are saying that UFO’s aren’t real and are just army’s secret tests for new technology. This one might be half-half. The army might run some tests but if you think that you are completely alone in this Universe and there is nobody to visit us from outer space, you need to go and have yourself checked out.

6. Terrorists – conspiracy makers say that there are no such things as Islamic terrorists and those guys are all CIA and they are put there to destabilize Middle Eastern countries. Really? I have my doubts when it comes to the wars in the Middle East like why aren’t the US, Russia, UK, Germany, France and the other allies able to destroy an army of let’s say one hundred thousand extremists? or even if they were more you still can’t compare the forces with the alliance. Why the central intelligence is not able to avoid the terrorist attacks? Why aren’t countries sharing information about possible terrorist residents? With all these doubts I still don’t think this is part of an evil masterplan and in fact terrorists don’t exist. They do exist and they are driven by the obsession of power control and by religion in to the extreme. To be honest, I have never seen an atheist starting a war in the name of something. “I will conquer all of you in the name of the microscope!”

Looking for these conspiracies, I found some really funny ones coming from people that we think they should be locked down and kept away from civilization:

– George Bush Sr was actually a Nazi sent to destroy the US
– Michael Jackson was killed by Iran
– World War 2 was staged
– The Moon isn’t real
– Dinosaurs helped with building the pyramids
– Yoga is a form of satanic worship
– Most of our leaders are…space lizards

Some of these theories are plausible and some are so stupid that you just can’t believe that people who are launching them can be sooooo stupid. In the end it’s up to you to choose which one can be real, just don’t let others control your thoughts and keep an open mind.

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