Understanding The Media Campaigns

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Understanding the campaigns you create

Search engine marketing is about creating paid ads and generating ROI. Paid advertising is the quickest way to generate impressions, page rankings,and leads. We always advertise products as campaigns – Ad-groups- ads- keywords but its not that easy, Their are many types of campaigns such as Brand, National , local,and mobile. The objective of the campaign will define the type of campaign. While objective and types of campaign is important, Media on which you will advertise is important too. Google, Yahoo,and Bing being the most popular mediums of search , companies advertises mostly on these medias. We will now try to describe and discuss about the campaign type which will suit your need and why?

Brand Campaigns
: These Campaigns are mostly done for branding purpose and increase the impressions of a brand/product or a company. If your brand is new and you want to advertise solely so that people should know your brand/product and they should recognise your brand then this campaign will suit you.
brand campaign

National Campaigns: 
If your business is in more than one place, say in couple of states or all over the country, then you Should use national campaigns. You can also use this if you think people from other states might come to your shop/restaurants/business while traveling or they search for it from out of the states. When you are running this campaign just make sure you are getting enough Impressions, CTR,and prospective Leads, if not then pause the campaign.

Local campaigns: 
Local Campaigns are best for generating leads as it is done in the target area or target location. The campaigns and ad’s are advertising locally so that customers looking for local products or locally available services can call or buy the service. This types of campaign ideally generates maximum leads.
Mobile Campaigns: 
The world has gone mobile, as the number of smartphone users increases companies advertising on mobile platform has also increased significantly. It’s more easy to target customers as now a days everybody keeps their phones with them around the clock. customers can been reached anytime through this medium and its personal. People also prefers surfing internet through their phone rather than using laptops. Mobile campaigns are also one of the most effective way to generate leads and advertise online.

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