Why do we need sales based SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation is in news from last couple of years and will be in news for few more coming years unless a new technique or marketing strategy is developed. Everybody is either talking about onsite or off site optimisation, link binding or long tail keywords, But no one is taking about Sales based SEO. SEO is to increase the online presence of a company, But is online presence itself enough to generate sales for the company or do we need to work on SEO which should generate Sales,i.e. Sales based SEO.

Its been discussed that SEO generate sales or you can say Search Engine Marketing. When It comes to marketing Inbound marketing is the most effective way to market in todays word. Gone are those days of cold calling and push marketing strategies. So, what is Sales based SEO and how does search engine marketing and Inbound marketing fit into this equation.
Sales based SEO is were you optimise your website in such a way that your website is effectively ranked high and people are using or buying your services. It includes all the components of SEO, SME and Inbound marketing, or you can say when SEO, SEM and inbound marketing comes together then it can be Sales based SEO. Everything is interrelated in todays market, you cannot rely on one single thing.

In order to generate sales your company will have to work together on these aspects. SEO/SEM is done to create a brand or brand awareness, which is also increases the online presence, So that people should know that you are a brand and you have a market presence. It is also an association between you and your customers. The association is in terms of your content and key word phrase which customers uses to search you. Inbound marketing defines this as attract phase in their strategy, which should be solely based on information and knowledge provided by you. Remember not to advertise yourself on first place. Customers hate push marketing ads. None of us wants to buy anything when we are their just for the purpose to seek information.
Building a good relationship with customers is a very important thing in marketing and sales, even if they are not your potential customer at that point of time, You never know if they had a good experience they might become one, or may refer someone else.

In the informative phase or the phase where customer is looking for the formation, customer must have awareness about this need, If he/she don’t have one, the create a need. No body buys anything unless they are in need. If they have a need then, you should have a solution for them. Customers with a need, searches for the solutions and if you have the exact solution they are looking for they will go for the next step. Your content in this stage should be solely on solution based with as much information you can provide. Your information should be product specific and averrable easily to customer and only informative. After the solution provide on the website or any other platform, they are like to refine their search and look for its benefits, this can be the potential buying stage. If you can provide the specific benefits of the products and benefits if they will use your service, then they may think of buying the product form your website.

Then comes the stage of convincing the customers to use your products and negotiations. You should be able to convince through your marketing. If the journey of the customer has been nice from the informative phase where they were looking for needs to solution and then to benefits and finally buying stage , then they will buy the product. The journey should be easy, informative and kind of personal, so that the customer can relate it as their personal need.

It involves the SEO, SEM and the inbound marketing to get a sales, thus we can call it sales based SEO. The strategy of inbound marketing is proposed by the HubSpot which closely matches with the sales based SEO and SEM. We can also say that Sales based SEO, SEO, SEM and Inbound marketing are four wheels of a car. In order to run it at a great speed you need to have all four wheels and a check on the wheels should be done regular to see if all the wheels are functioning well or not. If they are functioning well, then ALL IS WELL.

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