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Today, when almost every other website is either built or being build on WordPress platform. The question arrises Is it hard to develop a website on WordPress, If not then how to find a low cost or cheaper WordPress web developer ? In order to answer these questions, firstly we’ll have to understand what is WordPress and how does it work.

What is WordPress?

The WordPress website defines it self as a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing as in 2003 when it started and now as when it is being used on millions of sites it is considered as worlds best blog website, easy to use for user and the developer. The figures shows that more than 23% of the web is using WordPress platform. With the main aim being simplicity for users to use it and flexible for developers to develop it. WordPress is the first choice of developers for development of blog websites because of the features it offers :

Simplicity – If you are looking to go online, publish your own posts, create drafts, schedule publications, secure your posts by making it public or private and don’t want to waste time and
money, then WordPress is for you.

Flexibility– You can create any type of website you want with WordPress, like a blog or website, government website, new website or magazines, or an online community with different beautiful
themes available. You can also build your own applications on it.

User and Media Management – You can manage the access of your websites to others working in your team. Administrators manages the site, editors edit the content, authors and contributor
writes the content. It is also easy to manage and upload pictures to your website. Its quick and
you can ad ALT text, caption and titles. you can have a collection of pictures in your picture

Standard Compliance – The codes on which WordPress works is in full compliance with the standards set by W3C, Which means you website is compatible and will work with the browser
you are using today and in future.

Extended Plugins – You will find thousands of PlugIns in the WordPress, for every other feature their is a plugin. You can add Social networking, forums galleries, social media widgets,
calendars, SEO, spam protection and many more.

Search Engine Optimisation – WordPress is optimised for search engines, you can have a good control of your SEO from the plugins available, from adding Meta description to title and

Multilingual, Easy Installation and Upgrade – WordPress is available in more than 70 languages with the main language being English. It is also very easy to install and upgrade WordPress,
Weather you are using FTP or you are not familiar with it word, doesn’t matter WordPress has
everything for you and will make your work easier.

WordPress comes with full freedom to use it, modify it or if you want to develop new things go ahead. When these all things sound easy and readymade , then Why do we need a developer for this and Why we should pay for something which is available at ease?

The foremost reason to hire a developer or to outsource your project is that everyone wants customised website and making it user friendly with the products or service you offer. You need someone to write code for you and develop your customised application and website with the theme that will suit your specifications. WordPress is a platform and the developer develops that platform into a usable service or product. But where to find a good qualified and affordable developers, because being an IT stuff if you are not an IT savvy or your knowledge is limited in this field it can be a nightmare. Finding a good and reliable developer who can understand your needs and should be able to develop exactly what you are looking for, It is not that easy to find a good developer but its not that hard also.

Places where you can find cheap WordPress developer are:

WP Hired – You can find all shorts of WordPress developers working on full-time/part-time basis. This board is only dedicated to WordPress positions and jobs. It is a quite easy website to go through and find a good WordPress developer.

wordpress.net – This is the official job portal from the developers of WordPress. You can advertise for free and also find all shorts of professionals and developers working on WordPress and is an easy and accessible site to go and fine a WordPress developer.

Freelancing – Their are hundreds and thousands of freelancers available on this platform at your on click. You can easily find one to develop your website at a low cost.

Low cost Web development companies near you – Search for companies near you who offer low cost development, one of the best thing to with these companies that they offer exclusive package that offers development, design, content and SEO within affordable price range. You will get a full package and you not need to worry about little things, where as the independent developers only offer development service.

Hope this article will clear your perception of WordPress development and how to get the service at a low cost. Its very important to read and get information about things which you are planning to do or start.

The author of this post works with Digitech Control Pvt Ltd. The post will appear as written by Digitechcontrol.

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