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Category Archives: Online marketing

How Quality Score Affects Paid Search Campaigns?

1. What is quality score? Quality Score is Google's rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and PPC ads. It…
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Plan Your Digital Marketing Strategy In 2 Steps

Fun thing about digital marketing is that people thinks its different from traditional marketing, but the truth is it’s not. The strategies remain…
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Playing Around With Keywords

Playing around with Keywords When we are doing digital marketing, keywords are backbone on which everything stands. SEO and SEM both can’t be…
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Pay Per Click Strategies

Understanding Pay per Click (PPC)

Understanding Pay per Click (PPC) Today, the world of advertising and marketing has changed, gone are those days of Posters and banners, Thanks…
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E-commerce – The cheapest way to launch an online business

E-commerce – the easiest way to run a business Have you ever thought about having your own business, but there was always something…
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Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps, a successful add-on to your business The mobile app economy was born together with the launching of the Apple Store 7…
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