Blog Development

Today when business and marketing is becoming more of a informative kind than persuasive. How hard or easy it is to attract customers through informative content and make them buy your product. Blogs play an important role in this, and blog design is a very powerful tool in todays inbound marketing strategy. We at Digitech Control give particular emphasis on blogs and its design so that more and more views should be attractive to it, though content still plays an important role here. But content itself can’t do much if you don’t have a good blog design, which should be user compatible, easy to access and read and easy to follow. This where Digitech Control comes in.
We will provide you with excellent, user friendly and attractive blog designs, our professionals have more than 15 years of experience of design and almost equal amount of experience in blogging.
We will make the blog design according to your requirements and customise it to perfection, because sky is the only limit. We have an attractive package of blog design, get a free quotation today, don’t delay, time is money.

Our services:
Wordpress blogs- WordPress is the most famous platform for websites and blogs. Are you looking to design a new website/blog or thinking to upgrade the old existing one, then you are at right place.
The Blog- €150
This package covers one blog design with a logo, custom blog board, social media icons, background design, sidebar titles, about me design, basic navigation menu, custom design, Genesis Framework, and installation.

2. Simple website- €200
In this package you will get a Logo, homepage with a slideshow, setup of 5 informational page with social media icons, blog page design and installation.

3. E-commerce website (Starting at € 350)
Please contact us for a free quotation.

Blogger- This platform is also another popular platform, if you are a new user or a seasonal blogger then this platform may suit your requirements.
We have different packages for this ranging from €100 to €200, just send us your requirements to get a free quote today.