Community Portals

DigiTech Control delivers excellent web content management system that allows you leverage the true power of online communities through community portals. Online communities and portals have changes the whole geography of the internet and the way we look at it. You have your own portals for the things you like or you think people likes such as, movies, sports, cars etc., be it anything that is popular and can penetrate the market. Today the use and traffic on community portals have significantly increased because theses online portals and communities have attracted many users and customers to do business on the web because it is more personalised and comfortable. The more attractive, real and compelling content you will have, the more likely it is that you will get more users. We at DigiTech control specialises in community portals development customised to your specification so that it should meet your requirement should be of high standards in terms of user experience and privacy. The more private and inbound you keep an portal the more likely it is that user will trust you. Your dream portal should be a brand in it self where people should be connected to resources, information, online communities or any other relevant things.
We at DigiTech control will offer you:
Secure members profile and anonymous user generated content
You can post contents of all kind including pictures, videos and smiles
We will help you with the content if you require it
We can manage your forums/blogs and answers/questions
We will customise you portal according to your requirements

A online community or portal will give a personalised experience to the users/customers of your brand. It is not only an vital web strategy but also an inbound marketing strategy to attract and generate business for you.