Email Marketing

Email Marketing

This is the cheapest and effective way to contact and engage potentials leads, it is personalised, fast and easy accessible to the customers through their laptops or mobile phones.


Gone are those days of push marketing, where marketing use to be marketer centric and friendly. It is an era of Inbound Marketing and it has taken the whole market by storm. It’s more about giving information rather than promoting and selling your products. Emails are one of the most important medium to contact the potential customers, giving out information or delighting your customers after a purchase. Though it is often used to target and reach potential customers. 

You are busy running your business and want to generate leads which can lead you to your potential customers, weather you want to send your newsletters or a campaign then you are at right place. We at DigitechControl provide end to end Email marketing services within all the data protection guidelines. on average your email list decay 25% every year so it is very important that you should have new emails added to your list. Our company specialises in email marketing and can help you generate more leads and target your leads with effective and result orientated email campaigns. 

 Why DigiTechControl ?

You can create your own template, design and content according to your company/product. We will provide you with all the details and technical support customised to your specification. 

Why Email Marketing ?

  • Create and customise your own email newsletters

  • Send your campaigns and check the delivery

  • You can tract the reports, open rate, click rate etc

  • Automated email list management 

Email marketing has become very important marketing strategy in todays world because of the increase in the usage of emails and search for informative content and offers. the more information  you will give the more likely it is that customers will get attracted to you. It is a form of personal message with also build rapport and sense of trust. 

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