Logo & Graphic designing

Why logo design is as important as having a good and attractive website. Logo is the face of your company which should reflect your business idea and vision. Logo of your company should be catchy, attractive, easy to understand and should make a long lasting impression, We at Digitech Control guarantee this, that with us you will get a logo that will set standards unmatchable. Services we provide at Digitech Control are: · Symbols or icons · Word mark · Letter mark · Combination mark · Emblems Tell us your need we will customise it according to it.
Send us your requirements to get a free quote and 25% off your logo design price. No one can beat us on price and Quality
Again, How important it is to engage customers through attractive, catchy and informative visual communication. DigiTech Control Thinks it is very important.
weather you need a business card or a banner, brochures or flyers to labels, we are here for you, your one stop solution.
Our team of graphic designers are passionate about what they do have a many years of experience and have worked with well known brands.

Today in this very competitive market you’ll have to stand out from the crowd and do something creative and attractive for yourself to attract more customers, here at digiTech Control we’ll help you to make your dreams a reality.



Graphic Design

Do you have a company or business for which you need designs, pictures, graphics, videos and interactive applications or anything else, Then you are at right place. Different needs? One stop solution i.e Digitech Control, this what we offer and stand for. You just have to think of what you need, We will make it true. Everything in this world is within the reach of technology.

We are into this business from almost a decade now and have extensive knowledge and experience from which you can cash benefits. We at digitech Control offers variety of multimedia services, customised to you needs and perfection.

Services offered by us are:

  1. Brochures, banners ads and postcards – Need any kind of design, content or pictures with a good brochures or banner then contact us, We will design it for you.
  2. Print and Online Graphics – Are you in need of book covers, business cards, stationery, or a complete branding solution for your business? How about product labels or other promotional materials? We at Digitech Control can make it for you. Customised to perfection.
  3. Animation – Looking for someone who can make animations for you, here we are. Our animation services are at cheap price and high quality. Why not send us your requirements and get a free quote today. We provide best animation services in Ireland.
  4. Motion Graphics – Motion graphics are in high demand now a days, as it is most effective way of communication and is more attractive than another form of communication. We provide motion graphics at a competitive price and with high industry standards.
  5. Logo Design with Mascot – Branding is Important and a Mascot is an add on factor, if its attractive and well designed. It makes you stand out from the crowd. It will reflect your brand, product and relationship with customers.

These are few of the services offered by Digitech control Pvt Ltd. If you wish to contact us for quotations please send us your requirements. We will be happy to hep you.