Search Engine Marketing

What is search engine marketing? Is it same as SEO? Nope, Search Engine Marketing is the next step of digital marketing after SEO. Where SEO is more about organic presence of the business by optimisation of the website on page and off page. Search Engine Marketing is generating traffic and sales via paid advertising and marketing through Adwords, Facebook adverts or say bing and yahoo. In todays marketing atmosphere Search engine marketing is generally used to encompass Pay per Click, Cost per click, cost per thousand impression, Google Adwords it is both display and search. SEM also involves advertising on websites which has large number of traffic so that the views or impression can be more on the website and can result in sales. Search engine marketing is not a rocket science and anybody can do it. In fact you can also do it yourself sitting at home.
why us?
DigitechControl has more than 10 years of experience in online advertising and with the fact that Google, Bing or Yahoo give weightage to the quality of ads over price paid to advertise it.
Say if A has a bad content and poor quality ad and is biding more for the Adwords, whereas B has an excellent content and quality is biding relative less amount or significant low amount. Then google will show the ad of B for less amount and even if A is biding and paying more his ad will show at the bottom because of low quality of ad.

Its not about how much money you are throwing into the ads, its about the content and the quality of the ad which matters the most.
We, at Digitech, create hi-tech, original content ads so that our clients have to pay less and the ads should figure in the top spot.