Best web and digital marketing company

We provide and deliver end to end service. Our website development/design and digital marketing service is known to be best in quality and at an affordable price.

Social Media Optimisation

Easiest way to promote your business: using Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels.

Search Engine Optimization

f you want to increase your website’s popularity, then SEO is a must!

Band Name

The brand name is the face of your business reflecting your ideas and vision.

Email Marketing

This is the cheapest and effective way to contact and engage potentials leads.

Logo & Graphic Designing 

Logo of your company should be catchy, attractive, easy to understand and should make a long lasting impression.

Content Strategy

Engage and attract your audience through attractive, easy and original content.

Search Engine Marketing

Stay ahead with Search Engine Marketing and increase your ROI.

Web Applications

Today the web application users are rising at high speed and its not only about having a web page. Its time to think beyond traditional web design and websites.

Community Portals

Online communities and portals have changes the whole geography of the internet and the way we look at it..

Mobile Applications

A recent survey showed that in Ireland more than 59% of the population uses smartphone and perhaps it is the first point of contact between a business and a consumer.

Custom Website Design

Our team specializes in affordable web design and e-commerce.

Blog Design

A good blog can attract many individuals to your website who is looking for an answer or information. They might become your prospective customers.

Result oriented IT and Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our team of professionals have over 10 years of IT and Marketing experience, We provide end to send service in Website development, Design, Mobile Application, Community portals, Content and Copy Writings, Logo and Graphic designs. 


Target your potential customers through blog, social media and an attractive and informative website.


Engage with your customers as if she is your wife. Satisfy her with all her needs.


Delight your customers because post purchase service often helps in generating new customers and retaining the old ones. 

Digitechcontrol is an affordable IT and Digital marketing company based in Ireland, We offer Website development, design, mobile applications, SEO, SEM and graphics designing services with end to end service at a price which is unbeatable.

Our ideology is that Innovation and hard word is the key to success. In the changing world where new application and software updates are available every other day, how to cope up with the changes? You need to be smart, see, reflect and act at a high speed. Digitechcontrol is here to make things easier for you, take advantage of Digtechcontrol services and get result based services.